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At a Nationwide meeting held on the 7th December, some changes were made to Freestyle rules with effect from January 2011. 


1.       All solo competitions will be boy / girl in both Street and Freestyle.

2.       In Rock and Roll, the 10/13 age group will be split into boy / girl.

3.       Teams /Crews:  The age of the Majority of the Team at the date of  


          determines the age group in which they dance.  If there is no majority, then

          the team must dance in the older age group (51% is the Majority).

4.       On all team entries, name and ages of the pupils must be given.  If these

         change before

          the Nationwide final, the IDTA must be informed of the pupil standing in.

5.       Floor spins where partner contact is lost are not allowed.

6.       Rock n Roll is a non-progressive dance form and competitors must not 

          travel around the floor.  The majority of the dance should be in hold.  In

           Rock and Roll, no solo box jumps, solo splits or illusions are to be danced.

7.       For Freestyle Pairs and Teams, a majority of Freestyle choreography must

           be used.

8.       Age of Partners.  Junior goes up adult comes down in split ages.

9.       As from the beginning of 2012 Foot thongs are no longer allowed




The age groups will be:

12 years and under

13 to 17 years

18 years and over

Mixed age Quads



The age restrictions will be as Teams. 


Please note solo spots for finalists.


Only teachers or a person allocated by the principal can collect number cards.  No pupils must collect their number.